Southwest Habitats                                   William G. Cassidy

About Us

Who we are

Southwest Habitats, William G. Cassidy,
is a multi-functional design and digital drafting service firm. Our work experience spans projects from small, carefully considered re-models and additions to many $1,000,000.00 plus homes throughout Southern Arizona.

SWH also does a significant amount of commercial and residential work for a wide variety of Architects in Tucson, Nogales and Phoenix.

Commercial experience includes projects for; single and multi-story office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping centers, churches and tenant

Whether it is our "exclusive" designs or the quality of our Construction Documents necessary for bidding/pricing, construction and Architect's review; Southwest Habitats, William G. Cassidy, has the experience and proven track record to be "the" Professional Design and Drafting firm for all Architects, General Contractors, their Clients and your Family.

Our favorite builder

Rubicon Homes L.L.C. is a family owned business in Tucson, Az. Their extra care and extensive knowledge make them Southwest Habitats favorite builder. Contact info as follows:
(520) 404-8164
To learn more, visit their web site at

What we do

Custom Residential Design for  homes, re-models & additions.

Digital Drafting of all documents in ACAD format ready for permitting.

Design & Space Planning for single & multi-story office bldg's., (in association with an Architect.)

Tenant Improvements, Williams Center, Cambric Center etc.

Construction Management on a fee basis for Owner/Builders.

3 dimensionals walk-thru/flyovers in "SketchUp" format.

Digital Drafting for a wide variety of local Architects on a per project, fixed fee basis.

Commercial duplexes, tri-plexes, quads, apartment buildings and churches.

Green Building Value-engineered framing, Leed green building

What it costs

    The following schedule outlines a general range of fees that will relate to most projects.
    All projects to be negotiated and a fixed fee established on a per project basis.

Custom Residential-  $1-$3/s.f.
Design & drafting included.
Consultants not included.

Digital Drafting Only-  $1-$2/s.f.
Design Development by others

Hourly Design-        $50.00/hr
Hourly Drafting-      $35.00/hr
Space Planning-       $50.00/hr
SketchUp/Renderings-  $50-$100/hr

Tenant Improvts.-    $.75-$5/sf

Construction Mgmt.-   10% of construction costs

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